The Five Stages of Masculinity

The Five Stages of Masculinity is a new peer-reviewed* model that sheds light on the different understandings people have about masculinity. Each stage offers its own challenges and opportunities.

The Five Stages of Masculinity are:

  • Stage 1: Unconscious Masculinity
  • Stage 2: Conscious Masculinity
  • Stage 3: Critical Masculinities
  • Stage 4: Multiple Masculinities
  • Stage 5: Beyond Masculinities

A detailed overview of The Five Stages of Masculinity can be read here [en Español].

Find out which stage you are at by using our free tool:
The Five Stages of Masculinity Personality Inventory

Both men and women can use the personality inventory as it is simply about how people perceive masculinity. The data gathered from the personality inventory will help us build an evidence-based picture of each of The Five Stages of Masculinity.

* Suggested citation: Gelfer, J. (2016). The Five Stages of Masculinity: A New Model for Understanding Masculinities. Masculinities and Social Change 5(3): 268-294 (pdf article link).