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January News Roundup


The simple act of sorting masculinity articles by stage quickly reveals some insights into how the five stages function in different parts of society.

Stage 1 largely plays out in politics. We also see traditional masculine signifiers of sport and meat represented.

Stages 2 and 3 have a significant cultural dimension: film, TV and books.

Stage 4 is predictably queer.

Stage 5 refers to masculinity less, as it is all about moving beyond not just traditional notions of gender (the domain of Stages 2 and 3) but getting away from gender altogether. Given the number of people who operate at Stage 5 is quite small, it’s no surprise the number of articles is small.

Stage 1

Boots? Marco Rubio Wants to Talk Guns and Football:

Meat Heads: New Study Focuses on How Meat Consumption Alters Men’s Self-Perceived Levels of Masculinity:

Bootgate: Rivals dig at Marco Rubio’s masculinity:

Trump’s angry white men:

Are Trump’s Supporters All Insecure About Their Masculinity?

Obama’s tears, America’s tragedy:

Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Toxic Black Masculinity:

Murder in the suburbs: chilling book investigates masculinity in Australia:

Stage 2

‘Goat’ Takes Aim at College Frat Hazing, Modern Masculinity:

Europe’s tragedy: Too much Angela Merkel, too little masculinity:

Creed and the secrets of a male tear-jerker:

The Long, Bristly History of Beards and Masculinity:

Star Wars: Men’s rights activists claim boycott cost The Force Awakens $4.2m:

Ladybird guide to ‘the husband’ tops Christmas bestseller list:

The relationship between Muslim men and their beards is a tangled one:

Stage 3

Nobody has to “man up” here: Feminist shows “Jessica Jones” and “Transparent” are also a win for men:

‘Mad Dogs’ Doesn’t Celebrate American Masculinity, It Mourns It:

Tom Hardy On Being a Real Man:

The athlete demolishing misconceptions about masculinity:

College students join hands to redefine ‘Mardangi’:

The 10 men who mattered in Australia in 2015:

Colombia’s peace requires disarming manhood, not just men:

Ditch the Label Gender Report 2016:

Stage 4

How David Bowie changed the face of modern masculinity:

Are Feminism and the Transgender Movement At Odds?

Jaden Smith Is the Newest Face of Louis Vuitton:

Scientists discover ‘genderfluid’ lioness who looks, acts and roars like a male:

Living with a Controversial Catholic Sect Helped Me Lose My Religion and Leave Masculinity Behind:

Stage 5

That’s What Zhe Said: As Genders Blur, Language is Rapidly Adapting:

Call to remove gender from UK passports and driving licences: