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March News Roundup


This month, Stage 1 articles are represented mostly by health: A study about normative masculinity resulting in men not going to the doctor was reported in many media outlets. Stages 1 and 2 are also represented in numerous stories about Donald Trump and masculinity: these are not listed as they largely cover the same ground as last month’s articles.

Stage 2 remains in conservative territory, with a Right Wing article bemoaning America becoming the world’s “first transgendered nation,” by which the author means losing authentic masculinity.

Stage 3 articles are again numerous. As mentioned last month, Stage 3 articles have greater representation here than Stage 3 in society due to Stage 3 masculinity becoming more standard in those responsible for media and cultural production. On this issue, at least, the media is out of sync with society, and more progressive. March saw a lot of articles about TV and movie superheroes and masculinity, which are mostly not listed due to being covered in previous months, but is nonetheless emerging as a prevalent Stage 3 theme in 2016. Another noteworthy Stage 3 theme came in the shape of two articles: ‘Bro’-liferation and The New Man of 4chan. These articles both offer new insight into the changing language and power dynamics around certain sub-cultural groups of men, troubling perceptions about who’s on the inside of hegemonic masculinity and who’s on the outside.

Stage 4 articles are mostly represented by discussions around Indigenous masculinities. This subject received a lot of attention this month due to the publication of Robert Innes and Kim Anderson’s new book, Indigenous Men and Masculinities: Legacies, Identities, Regeneration.

There’s one Stage 5 article this month written by veteran male feminist John Stoltenberg, whose opinions on gender continue to evolve, keeping him ahead of the pack, stating; “both sex and gender are conceptualizable as fluidities, evidence of our species’ intrinsic and kaleidoscopic multisexuality.”

Stage 1

Study Suggests Fragile Masculinity Could Cost Hillary Votes:

‘Tough guys’ less likely to be honest with doctor:

Hard times: the suicide scourge among Australia’s tradies:

Stage 2

America, the First Transgendered Nation:

What Masculinity Really Looks Like:

Stage 3

“Blue Velvet”’s mystery of masculinity:

Author Shereen El Feki on the crisis of Arab men and masculinity:

On Exploring Masculinities in the Middle East:

Grace Ahlbom photographs the goofy masculinity of skate culture:


The New Man of 4chan:

Capturing Masculinity:

The new books exploring masculinity and family life:

True crime interrogates toxic masculinity, at last:

Realistic Male Doll “Boy Lammily” Takes Aim at Toxic Masculinity:

Struggling with masculinity 2.0? This is what it means to be a man in 2016:

Black Masculinity as Performed in Japanese Visual Media:

I’m Every Bit the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent That You Are:

Critics of Vanity Fair’s Jordan and Coogler photo reveal black masculinity is still enslaved:

I just wanna be a good dad:

Learning To Speak About Men in Bangladesh:

From Masculinity to Masculinities and Back to Men:

Stage 4

A Sissy’s Progress: the dangerous power of an effeminate man:

Indigenous languages recognize gender states not even named in English:

What is Indigenous Masculinities Studies?:

Stage 5

50 Years of Gender Bending and Sex Changing: