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The Five Stages of Masculinity May News Roundup



This month, Stages 1 and 2 are dominated by politics: It appears there is still plenty of life left in writing about Trump! See previous articles on the Masculinity Research site for this subject.

As usual, Stage 3 is busy as media content producers embody Stage 3 masculinity with greater frequency than society as a whole. The biggest Stage 3 manifestation this month was undoubtedly Grayson Perry’s TV show All Man, which was broadcast in the UK and is due to air elsewhere later. The three episodes were great TV, highlighting some important issues about masculinity. However, the show had certain blind spots. Only extreme forms of masculinity were explored, which is not representative of most people’s experiences. Further still, Perry appeared to have little interest in questioning what masculinity means, relying on stereotypes of both masculinity and femininity. This is a curious omission from a cross-dresser, and if this had been explored it would have pulled the show up into Stage 4. Nevertheless, powerful TV. Stage 3 was also busy in May with the publication of two new masculinity books, Tim Samuels’ Whole Stole My Spear? and Rebecca Asher’s Man Up. Both these books garnered various commentary and review articles in the press.

This month’s Stage 4 articles do a better job of questioning what masculinity actually means. Grayson Perry is also represented here. Speaking in interviews and his own articles, Perry often inhabits Stage 4, but there is clearly something about the medium of television that pulls him back into Stage 3.

There is one Stage 5 article that shows us how gender is so fluid that it is largely meaningless. The metaphor in the article of gender as journey rather than destination also does justice to the open-ended nature of Stage 5 masculinity.

Stage 1

Beasts, blokes and battle buses. Where are the women when a vote is called?

Stage 2

Outsourcing Masculinity: Where Have All the American Action Heroes Gone?

Masculinities and the Culture of Parliament

How America Became Infatuated With a Cartoonish Idea of ‘Alpha Males’

Men Have Book Clubs, Too

Adityanath should get married to prove his masculinity

Stage 3

Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis

‘Master Of None’ Throws Everything You Thought You Knew About Masculinity Out The Window

The stark difference between millennial men and their dads

Indie sad lads: rock’s millennial men show they have feelings too

Why I want to be a different man to my father

David Pocock’s call for a new definition of masculinity

Somalia: Redefining masculinity

Capitalism, autocracy and political masculinities in Russia

Muslim, Man Up?

Real Men do Hit Women

How Trump Has Revived the Republican Cult of Manliness

The Man Box and the Cult of Masculinity

Scorsese’s Lonely Men

‘Jocks get a bad rap’: what Everybody Wants Some!! says about the modern man

Rethinking Asian masculinities

Rojava revolution: reshaping masculinity

The mouthy male bravado of Cameron and Corbyn makes me think we have a masculinity problem in politics

Mane man

Emaciating machismo: masculinity, murals and memorialising hunger strikes

Stage 4

Dandyism and Black Masculinity

Times Are a Changin’: Modern Masculinity No Longer Equals ‘Macho Man’

Grayson Perry: ‘Boys think they’re breaking the man contract if they cry’

Men + non-real men do yoga

How Losing My “Masculinity” Liberated My Art

Stage 5

Gender is a journey not a destination