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The Five Stages of Masculinity June News Roundup


This month I have two new articles out continuing my exploration of the different strands that make up populist masculinity. The first article is Masculinity and the Environment: A Double-edged Sword (audio version here). In this article I start with what we already know about conservative men and climate change denial and then indicate how this manifests within the populist masculinity celebrity class. However, it’s not all bad news. The article then goes on to show how even archetypally masculine celebrities—the muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger, the industrialist Elon Musk, and the playboy Leonardo DiCaprio—demonstrate admirable leadership in regard to how men can support the environment.

This points to the idea that the combination of masculinity and the environment is one of the great untapped opportunities of our time. First, more work needs to be done to show how stereotypically masculine behavior harms the environment. Second, more work needs to be done to turn environmentalism into a “men’s issue,” in order to create much-needed cross-pollination between these two typically separate domains.

The second article is Populist Masculinity, Christian Men’s Ministries and Trump (audio version here). In this article I show how the various streams of populist masculinity that have formed around Trump have commonalities with Christian men’s ministries (or, in other words, the Christian men’s movement); this extends my older work on spirituality and masculinity published in my book Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy. The article concludes in speculative territory, noting how little would need to happen in order for populist masculinity to morph into a new religious movement.

Men and Masculinities Online Discussion

I am planning an online discussion with the objective of catalyzing activities around the subject of men and masculinities. This fixed-term discussion is for people whose work relates to men and masculinities, either as service providers, policymakers, media/content producers or researchers who work outside of the university system.

If you would like to take part in this discussion, send me an email with a quick note about your work and I will send you details about how to join.

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Stage 2

Men Don’t Want to Be Nurses: Their Wives Agree

Masculinity and the Environment: A Double-edged Sword

Populist Masculinity, Christian Men’s Ministries and Trump

Testosterone Wars

Conservative media deflect from James Comey’s testimony by attacking his sexuality and gender

Muscle dysmorphia: How idealised masculinity became the new eating disorder

This boot camp for men claims it’ll revive your ‘primal nature’

The Male Impersonator

Scandals at Uber and Fox show dangers of letting macho cultures run wild

Alpha mâle en crise : masculin, masculiniste ou machiste ?

Stage 3

It’s time we demanded more from boys, for all our sakes

The EveryMan Project tries to bring men into the body-positive conversation

Men still die before women. Is toxic masculinity to blame?

Productivity hacks are built for bros

My conversation with Pablo Escobar’s brother taught me a dangerous truth about masculinity

Ken’s New Look(s), Deconstructed

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Jr talks about his queer politics, drag performances, art and masculinity

How touching: The evolution of the man-hug

Rules of ‘how to be a dad’ are changing as gender roles continue to blur

Jason Isbell Discusses Reckoning with White Southern Masculinity

Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls

Robert Jensen on Millennial men, climate change, and the increasing need for radical politics

The snip: It’s a simple procedure, but having a vasectomy can raise questions of masculinity and equality

Death In The Gunj; A Feminist Movie That’s Batting for Men

How ‘Snowflake’ Became America’s Inescapable Tough-Guy Taunt

Bros React to Seeing the Female Version of Themselves

The bromance is blossoming, says study

Why the ‘objectification’ of men isn’t sending me to the barricades

‘The Macho Man Who Only Wanted to Screw Women Is Dead’ – at Least in Israeli Fiction

Wonder Woman Was Created by a Male Feminist Who Loved Bondage and Matriarchy

How to Raise a Feminist Son

How Emmanuel Macron’s sensitive masculinity turned him into politics’ Modern Man

Masculinity is far from in crisis in the north – just look in our schools if you want proof

“Cada vez hay más hombres despertando y aprendiendo a desaprender las costumbres heteropatriarcales”

Qué define hoy la masculinidad

El macho progre y su educación sentimental

Propuestas de nuevas masculinidades o de cómo implicar a los hombres hacia una sociedad más igualitaria

Les stratégies souterraines pour concilier vies « pro et perso » au masculin