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Business Development Manager position

I’m looking to partner with one or more people who could act as part-time Business Development Managers responsible for recruiting candidates for Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity. Remuneration is on a commission-only basis: in effect, you would be self-employed/freelance.

Getting straight to the bottom line, the commission rate is 20%: in other words, you would receive $200 for each person who signs up to Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity (or 20% of whatever group or individual discounts you might negotiate). The role would be performed remotely from anywhere in the world and is best seen as a side gig that complements other activities.

The main requirements for the role are:

  • an interest in The Five Stages of Masculinity (if you reached this page from one of my social feeds, this box is already ticked)
  • some experience in sales, stakeholder relations or customer service
  • the ability to generate leads and a sales funnel (I would strategize this with you)
  • the ability to record your activities in a CRM (I use Zoho CRM, but at the basic level I use it, all CRMs are the same and easy to use).

If you’re interested in exploring this further, send me an email with a short description of who you are and your experience relating to the above points.