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The Five Stages of Masculinity September News Roundup


Last month I introduced you to a new project I have underway called Masculinity Coin. Part cryptocurrency, part thinking tool, part art project, holding and trading of Masculinity Coin can be interpreted as either a celebration or critique of traditional masculinity.

The response to Masculinity Coin in the first month has been interesting and echoes my general experience in the masculinity space that people interpret things in accordance with their existing worldview, whether or not there is evidence to support this interpretation.

For example, within hours of its launch, one article appeared online with the title, Cryptocurrency Goes Pro-feminism with Masculinity Coin. The author of this article interpreted Masculinity Coin as both pro-feminist and “anti-masculinity” despite my having made no such claims. Lurching to this position suggests a possible correlation between men’s rights activism and the culture surrounding cryptocurrencies. Indeed, over on Bitcoin Talk, one commenter responding to Masculinity Coin felt inclined to state the he agreed with men’s rights activists, despite there being no reference to men’s rights—for or against–in its description. The assertion of Stage 2 masculinity occurred elsewhere in the same discussion with one commenter noting that Bitcoin was “for men” whereas Masculinity Coin was “for kids”.

A further theme that emerged in reference to Masculinity Coin was whether or not it is “real”. The Bitcoin Talk thread contained references to it being a parody or joke. Indeed, one extended article about Masculinity Coin on CryptoKing (which describes me as an “ingenious weirdo”!) had the title, The Anti-Cryptocurrency: Masculinity Coin. Certainly, Masculinity Coin is presented in an ambiguous manner: that’s the point, because I’m interested in troubling the binary option we tend to be given of being either a men’s rights activist or a feminist. But it seems that if you explore the meaning of something—whether a cryptocurrency or masculinity—you are framed as being “anti” that which you seek to explore. This is how the conversation around masculinity is regulated on a daily basis.

I’m interested to see what discussions develop over time surrounding Masculinity Coin. Last week I received an email from Blockchain Board of Derivatives about the possibility of listing Masculinity Coin on their new platform that focuses on decentralized futures and options trading. Imagine that: being able to trade in masculinity futures! Now that’s the commodification of gender…

Are you my Business Development Manager?

I’m looking to partner with one or more people who could act as part-time Business Development Managers responsible for recruiting candidates for Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity. Remuneration is on a commission-only basis: in effect, you would be self-employed/freelance.

Getting straight to the bottom line, the commission rate is 20%: in other words, you would receive $200 for each person who signs up to Certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity (or 20% of whatever group or individual discounts you might negotiate). The role would be performed remotely from anywhere in the world and is best seen as a side gig that complements other activities.

The main requirements for the role are:

  • an interest in The Five Stages of Masculinity (given you’re reading this newsletter, this box is already ticked)
  • some experience in sales, stakeholder relations or customer service
  • the ability to generate leads and a sales funnel (I would strategize this with you)
  • the ability to record your activities in a CRM (I use Zoho CRM, but at the basic level I use it, all CRMs are the same and easy to use).

If you’re interested in exploring this further, send me an email with a short description of who you are and your experience relating to the above points.

Newsletter Reader Profiles

The best payback I get from these monthly newsletters is the conversations I have with readers. I really enjoy receiving emails and hearing about what people have found interesting, and even being challenged on points I have made. So I thought it would be a good idea to start featuring some of the people who read this newsletter. Here’s the first reader profile, with more to come in subsequent editions.

Veronica Monet, ACS is an internationally acclaimed sexual empowerment change agent. CNN, FOX, Politically Incorrect, Yale, Stanford and UC Berkeley are just a few of the numerous news and educational institutions that have hosted Veronica for her forward thinking insights and expertise. Veronica coaches individuals and couples in mastering their erotic experience regardless of circumstance, history or health. As a Relationship Coach, Sexologist and Anger Specialist, she combines her extensive education with deep empathy. Personally overcoming incest, rape, violence and abuse she has not just survived but thrives. She is committed to helping others to own their personal empowerment in the most loving and honorable lifestyle tailored to them. Veronica invites you to join her in The Shame Free Zone. Here you will discover her game-changing Exquisite Partnership Formula ™, a program designed to turn conflict into connection and sex that gets better with each passing year. For more information visit:

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