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“Black Boys Embrace” Hashtag Goes Viral On Twitter & It’s A Powerful Reminder Of What Happens When You Reject Toxic Masculinity

Toxic masculinity more than just a topic of conversation on Twitter. Toxic masculinity, which encompasses the behavioral standards our culture has set for men, has real-world implications that hurt people of all genders. Many people subscribe to the idea that a man must be strong and tough at all times, and that can lead to men not seeking help for health or other issues, promoting violence, homophobia, and other issues, as Suzannah Weiss wrote for Bustle in 2016. Because of toxic masculinity, some men feel uncomfortable showing affection towards other men, fearing that they will be ridiculed, but the viral Twitter hashtag #BlackBoysEmbrace is celebrating openness and sensitivity among Black men and boys, and it’s a powerful example of what happens when you reject toxic masculinity: