Stage 4

Chicago’s drag kings are out to destroy ‘toxic masculinity,’ one sequin and pelvic thrust at a time

Switch on the TV. There’s RuPaul critiquing Trixie Mattel’s runway look on VH1’s “Drag Race.” Get on YouTube. There’s a whole community of queerdos from around the world giving lessons on how to “beat” your face, contoured cheekbones, exaggerated lip liner and all. Hit up your movie-streaming service of choice. There’s a documentary on Marsha P. Johnson, there’s “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” there’s “Paris Is Burning.” Divine is now so revered that her legacy lives up to her name. For drag queens, this is quite a time to be alive, and as far as pop culture goes, audiences are living for it. But, what about drag kings?: