The crisis of masculinity facing young British Muslims

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Photographer Mahtab Hussain has spent years exploring what it means to be a young British Muslim, looking at race and representation, respect and cultural difference in a community under attack:

The Five Stages of Masculinity April News Roundup

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Is populist masculinity a hoax? Commentary In last month’s commentary I noted how uncritically allotting blame for violent incidents to toxic masculinity is problematic. I stated that, “certainly, the role of masculinity in these tragedies is acute, but it is not the bottom line. Normative masculinity and misogyny are agents of a higher order problem: […]

Embattled lawmaker: I will ‘stand strong for men’s rights’

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A Republican state lawmaker accused of creating a misogynistic online forum is resisting calls for his resignation and says he will “stand strong for men’s rights”:

Are Populist Masculinity Celebrities Fake News?

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The latest Masculinity Research article questions the “reality” of populist masculinity celebrities, originally published at Paste Magazine The Populist Masculinity Pyramid I have previously proposed that populist masculinity in the Trump era functions as a pyramid scheme with Trump at the top, surrounded by his wealthy cronies. Below Trump exists a class of populist masculinity […]

We went to see Matt McGorry talk about toxic masculinity and left with a tote full of Axe products

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“Hey, can I just take a picture with these guys real quick?” Matt McGorry asked me. I said yes, and he walked over to two men waiting eagerly and very politely for pictures:

Broadchurch series three was about toxic masculinity – so why did it end by saying “not all men”?

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The central focus of Broadchurch’s third series was rape. Episode one opened with Trish Winterman contacting the police, the morning after her assault; the next seven episodes, leading up to the finale, covered the investigation to find Trish’s attacker. Over the course of the series it transpired that Trish wasn’t the only victim, and that […]

Where Machismo Is Entrenched, Focus Moves to the Trenches

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Machismo has long been widespread in Mexican society. Male entitlement — reflected in telenovelas, movies, work settings, families and romantic relationships — has been tolerated, even celebrated:

The Five Stages of Masculinity on the Modern Manhood podcast

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I recently had the opportunity to speak about The Five Stages of Masculinity on the Modern Manhood podcast, which you can listed to here.

‘Colossal’: A monster movie that takes on toxic masculinity

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The premise of Colossal, the one you can see from the trailer, is that Anne Hathaway is a monster. More specifically: Hathaway’s Gloria, a ne’er-do-well, unemployed, drunk is the human trigger for a Godzilla-like monster that materializes in Seoul whenever Gloria walks through a specific place at a specific time:

Aggressive And Loving Men: gender Hegemony in Christian Hardcore Punk

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During the 2017 presidential campaign, James Dobson, the evangelist and founder of Focus on the Family, urged Christians to vote for Donald Trump because the leadership of Hillary Rodham Clinton scared him “to death”: