Derailing Stereotypes of Masculinity, Queerness, and Gang Violence

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In her new book ‘The Gang’s All Queer,’ Vanessa Panfil offers a detailed and nuanced portrayal of homosexual life among gangs in Ohio:

Why brands need to change their approach to marketing masculinity

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The latest article from Masculinity Research, originally published on Campaign. Marketing Masculinity The past couple of years have seen a significant shift in the way marketing and advertising portray masculinity. Previously, masculinity was mostly presented in one of two ways: either a glamorous James Bond-style masculinity that attracted the ladies, or a buffoon-style masculinity that […]

The Poison of White Supremacist Masculinity

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Like our slaveholding first president—not our current one—I cannot tell a lie: we must chop down the poisonous tree of white supremacist masculinity:

A Patriarchal Parade: Sexism in Aotearoa New Zealand Literature

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In a searing and articulate essay, Vaughan Rapatahana takes Aotearoa New Zealand literature to task for locker room schoolgirl-grooming, women-baiting, and sexism that arises from a violent and suppressed masculinity:

Real Men & Real Food: The Cultural Politics of Male Weight Loss

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When Weight Watchers first launched an online program “customized just for guys” in 2007, one of their advertisements proclaimed, “Real men don’t diet.” This counterintuitive declaration evoked the questions that animate my current research:

Jay Z, Meek Mill, Chris Rock Discuss Masculinity in the Footnotes for “MaNyfaCedGod”

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Jay Z continues his footnotes series by tackling the themes and message of “MaNyfaCedGod.”:

Toward a New Masculinity

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Five Poets and the Politics of the Male Body:

Justin Baldoni’s New Show Will Change The Way You Talk About Masculinity

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A swoon-worthy proposal with more than 11 million YouTube views. A primetime TV role as the love interest you can’t help but root for. A series of Instagram posts dedicated to his young daughter about equality and other vital life lessons:

The existential masculinity of David Lowery’s A Ghost Story

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In spite of the gendered history of the form, Lowery has produced A Very Manly Ghost Story:

What I Learned About Masculinity at a Biker Festival

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At the Jüterbog Motorcycle Jamboree, I saw strongman competitions, bikes and strippers but also talked to men about their hopes, dreams and fears: