Good Night Stories for Rebel … Boys? Male versions of bestseller arrive on shelves

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After the huge success of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, similar projects for boys are beginning to showcase men like Grayson Perry, Stormzy and Usain Bolt:

Transgender bodybuilders prepare for competition in teaser for documentary Man Made

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The new documentary Man Made follows a group of transgender men as they get ready to compete at Atlanta’s TransFitCon, the world’s first trans bodybuilding competition. The movie, which will receive its world premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 22, is directed by novelist T Cooper and executive-produced by actress Téa Leoni:

Certification student experience

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If you’re interested in the process of getting certified in The Five Stages of Masculinity, here are some experiences of one recent student, Lahn Jones of Finding Root Solutions. I believe people embark upon a lifelong journey of exploration and growth as they transform across their lifespan. Among the myriad questions these explorations inevitably uncover, none […]

These Mock Adverts Satirise Traditional Ideas of Masculinity

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Jack Daly’s new series ‘The Real Man Catalogue’ exposes outdated ideas of what it means to be a man:

The YouTubers Who Teach Men How to Be Men

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Millions of men seek out instruction from YouTube users like Aaron Marino. They’ll teach you how to tie a tie, but they purport to have solved more complicated questions, too: what does a modern man dress, look, and act like? Their answers may surprise you:

“Billions” Is The Best Show About The Worst Kind Of Masculinity

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In its third season, Showtime’s Billions has snapped into focus from being a blurry series about power to an infinitely sharper one about gender:

Syrian strikes boost French president’s action man image

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Emmanuel Macron had to act in Syria after making chemical weapons his red line:

Cape Town’s New Masculinity

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In the queer capital of South Africa, young men are defining themselves through dress:

When Women Approach and Men Receive: Masculinity and Sexual Subjectivity in the Strip Club

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When we conflate men’s sexuality with harassment and violence, we don’t ask much of them. Masculinity doesn’t have to be toxic:

Men who fail to equal parents’ achievements ‘suffer mental distress’

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Failing to match educational accomplishments causes distress similar to a divorce, says study: