Registration is now open to become officially certified in The Five Stages of Masculinity.

The certification course will be delivered remotely, but participants will work individually with Masculinity Research Director, Dr Joseph Gelfer via email, telephone and Skype. This is not an online course where participants passively watch videos and take simple quizzes.

The course comprises five modules (one for each of the five stages). Participants will receive descriptive worksheets for each module and engage in exercises about how the five stages manifest generally in society and more specifically in participants’ work and lives.

This is the first time that official certification in The Five Stages of Masculinity has been offered, so it is a valuable opportunity to become an early adopter and practitioner of this emerging model, and to become the expert in how The Five Stages of Masculinity is utilized in participants’ professional domains.

Certification will be beneficial for:

  • personal and business coaches
  • counsellors and therapists
  • social and youth workers
  • group facilitators and trainers
  • individuals with an interest in masculinity and personal development.
Course Prerequisites
  • Registering at least Stage 3 on The Five Stages of Masculinity Personality Inventory (this can be taken for free on the front page of this website)
  • The ability to work academically at a minimum of bachelor’s degree standard
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will have a detailed understanding of the characteristics, challenges and opportunities of each of The Five Stages of Masculinity
  • Participants will be able to see how The Five Stages of Masculinity applies to their professional work and lives
  • Continuous stage-related exercises (one exercise for each of the five stages)
  • A final written project of around 3000 words (demonstrating knowledge of the five stages model, plus its application to participants’ professional work, or a focus on a specific manifestation of one or more of the five stages in the public domain)
  • An hour-long live presentation delivered via Skype (this can be a presentation of the written project, or something separate: the objective is to demonstrate competency in oral presentation of the five stages)
Final Certification
  • Participants who successfully complete the course assessments will earn the right to state publicly, “Officially Certified in The Five Stages of Masculinity”
  • Certification implies the endorsement of participants by Masculinity Research: As such, a successful outcome of the assessments should not be assumed by participants, although every effort will be made to ensure participants reach the required competencies, with feedback given at the end of each module as well as one opportunity to re-submit the final written project and to re-deliver the final live presentation
About the Course Leader, Dr Joseph Gelfer
  • Director of Masculinity Research
  • Creator of The Five Stages of Masculinity model
  • Author of various books including Masculinities in a Global Era (Springer Science+Business Media, 2014) and Numen, Old Men: Contemporary Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy (Routledge, 2009)
  • Author of numerous articles about masculinity in peer-reviewed academic journals and popular publications
  • Experience delivering lectures in Australia (Monash University, La Trobe University, RMIT University), New Zealand (University of Otago) and most recently France (Université Catholique de l’Ouest)
  • Course commences in May 2017
  • Course duration is flexible, but participants will typically complete the five modules and final assessment over the course of four months
  • Course fee: $1000 (deadline: 30 April 2017)

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If you have any questions about the course, send an email to joseph@masculinityresearch.com.