Masculinity Coin: The Cryptocurrency for Men

About Masculinity Coin

Masculinity Coin (MASC) is an ERC20 token digital asset built upon the Ethereum blockchain. The Masculinity Coin Ethereum contract can be viewed at Etherscan.

Part cryptocurrency, part thinking tool, part art project, holding and trading of Masculinity Coin can be interpreted as either a celebration or critique of traditional masculinity.

Masculinity Coin draws attention to the masculine nature of the technological culture driving the rise in cryptocurrencies. Masculinity Coin also highlights a structural commonality between masculinity and cryptocurrencies: the meaning and value of both are based upon an ever-shifting social consensus.

No other cryptocurrency simultaneously operates on such different levels as Masculinity Coin. It is both a tradable coin and a catalyst for exploring personal identity. Masculinity Coin aims to decentralize masculinity as part of a more sustainable future.

Purchase Masculinity Coin

Masculinity Coin is initially pegged to the US dollar (1 MASC = US$1) and will remain as such until it is included on an open exchange or some other secondary market develops.

You can purchase 1 MASC by sending US$1 worth of ETH (or multiples thereof) to the following address (using an ether wallet that can accept ERC20 tokens): 0x50463fAc7cdB831A46B6c591029551BB345480fB

You can also purchase by sending US$1 worth of BTC to the following address (accompanied by an address for an ether wallet that can accept ERC20 tokens): 18CnioXBJw482WSTGL9BdRR5K4F1CNm5Hy

While every effort will be made to send MASC to buyers in a timely manner, no responsibility can be taken for difficulties regarding delivery, nor is MASC guaranteed as fit for any specific purpose.

Send an email with details of your transaction if you have not received your MASC within 48 hours.