Terms and conditions


The Five Stages of Masculinity Personality Inventory is a tool that can be used to determine which stage of masculinity you are at. The inventory should only be considered as a thinking tool: it is descriptive of your thoughts when using the inventory; it does not define who you are. Further still, it is possible to be at different stages for different aspects regarding masculinity: a phenomenon that is not captured by the inventory.

By using the inventory you acknowledge that it is not meant to have any therapeutic value, nor should it be considered as professional advice. By using the inventory you agree that Masculinity Research Ltd is not liable for any consequences that derive from its use.

Privacy and Data Ownership

You are required to provide an email address to use the inventory. This email address will not be shared with any party outside of Masculinity Research Ltd.

Any data you submit to the inventory becomes the property of Masculinity Research Ltd and may be used, once fully anonymized, either individually or in aggregate, to develop The Five Stages of Masculinity model or any other activity undertaken by Masculinity Research Ltd (including publication in all forms).

By submitting your email address to use the inventory you also agree to subscribe, at no charge, to the Five Stages of Masculinity monthly newsletter. You can, of course, unsubscribe from this at any time.